Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Using Book Baskets To Talk Feedback

Tomorrow night’s #OHedchat is a Book Basket approach to discussing feedback.  Book Baskets are a way to think differently about how we choose to organize classroom, school or our even professional libraries. Instead of focusing on literary or informational text, reading level or lexile, pull together text sets based on content or concepts.  Group books in the “basket” by introductory or foundational content and more specific content. For example, my Feedback book basket has books that address the broad concept of feedback along with books that have a smaller grain size, like feedback for at risk readers or the role of coaches in providing feedback.  Research shows that this approach to creating text sets helps to build content knowledge and grows academic, tier 2, and tier 3 content vocabulary. This in turn scaffolds students of any age into more complex text and increased fluency and comprehension.

Spotlight Resources:  Assessments

Upcoming Opportunities:
  • Can't wait for #OHedchat 3.6.19 at 9:00 EST We will be reflecting on quotes from our Feedback Book Basket.  Lindsay Dexter - the President of Ohio Learning Forward, will be co-facilitating the chat.
  • Tomorrow Night… The long awaited HS Coherence Map for math is going to be unveiled by . Join the webinar on March 6 at 7:00 PM to learn all about it. SO EXCITING!!
  • Next week @sharemylesson kicks off 3 days of free, online #EduPD courses for teachers, #paraprofessionals & school support staff incl keynote by @AFTunion prez @rweingarten: #PublicSchoolProud
  • Let me know if you have created an Open Space account or are thinking of ways to start using it with your team! If you haven’t already done so - go to and click LOGIN at the top right to create an account for yourself.  This is the NEW Ohio Collaborative, Open Education Resource authoring platform from  Then click on GROUPS at the top of the page and choose the OPEN group. This is where the tutorials live.

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