Sunday, July 22, 2012

PARCC Education Leader Cadre Meets in Chicago

What a HOT evening!  I am glad that there is air conditioning in my bedroom as I pack for my trip to Chicago and the PARCC Education Leader Cadre meeting.  I am really looking forward to meeting the other members of the Leader Cadre from Ohio - we have only spoken briefly by phone.  I am especially eager to meet educators from other PARCC states.  This is such a good opportunity to share ideas, learn more about the Common Core and focus on the shifts that need to occur in education across our state.  I will be posting regular updates over the next three days.  A good starting point for all of you who are following along on this PARCC journey with me would be to go over the PARCC frameworks for Math and ELA and  Appendix A of the ELA Common Core.  During our sessions this week - we will be spending time focusing on these documents.

Here are the links for you:


  1. Hope you arrived safely in Chicago. I look forward to following your blogs and learning more about the PARCC frameworks. Such a great opportunity you have to learn from other members from Ohio and across the states. Thanks for representing Bay Village!!

  2. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow-in the MA group. @dgburris


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