Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Formative Assessment Fits In - Parts of the Whole

I was sorting through my craft closet this weekend.  After pulling everything out and laying it on the floor where I could see what I actually had, I made a few observations.  First, I had a lot of supplies that I had never used either because I had purchased them on sale in case some day I might need them or I salvaged from other projects because they were still good.  Second, I had a number of projects that I had started and never finished, either because I had run out of materials or run out of time.  Third, there were some really great project ideas that I had completely forgotten about because something new had come along.

As I have started my new position as Director of Curriculum for Bay, I have done a little closet sorting here as well.  What I have found so far is that there are some supplies and materials that need to go to good homes someplace else in the district because as we make curriculum adjustments to meet the new Core Curriculum standards, they will be needed in different grade levels. We have some materials that haven't been used because we need to provide more training on how to use them.   Also, staff members have spent a lot of time working on curriculum projects - like short cycle assessments, clear learning targets, power standards and benchmarking - but are not sure where the pieces they worked on fit into the big picture for the district.  Finally,  with the focus on Align Assess Achieve at the beginning of the year, there is a feeling that maybe we are setting aside projects and ideas that we have been working on to once again try something new.

So, just like with my craft closet - I laid out all of the important ideas and work that has been going on in the district related to the concepts of Formative Assessment, Align Assess Achieve and the Core Curriculum.  I made a concept map that shows the connections between all of the smaller pieces that have been worked on over the past few years in each building so that everyone can begin to see that the work you have done is worthwhile, is important and is connected to our focus on Assessment for Learning.

To view a larger version - or download this  CLICK HERE

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