TLT Resource Page

Teacher Leadership Team Resource Page

Teacher Leadership Team Basics

  • What should be on the agenda?  
  • How do you start the meeting?  
  • How to keep track of what you are doing?
    • Use a shared Google Doc to record minutes, questions and action steps
    • Assign a "secretary" for each meeting who takes notes, then shares them out with the rest of the team.
    • Use a shared Google Calendar to set up meeting dates & action plans
    • Monitor your action plan
  • How can we support collaboration?
    • Assign roles and tasks to share the work. 
    • Take turns doing the different roles.
    • Support each other as you implement a strategy or idea.
    • Come prepared for team discussions
    • Make an action plan that helps everyone see their next steps. Review this plan.

Understanding the 5 Step Process

Selecting Learning Targets & Implementing Instructional Strategies

Strategies for Working With Diverse Learners

How Does TLT Fit Into BLT and DLT Picture

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