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Our common goal: Building success for every learner together.

Learning is a process. We are here because we all believe that our students can be successful in this learning process. 

Since we are a team working on building student success, everyone has a role to play.

Here is what we as educators are doing:
Meeting together as teaching teams to understand WHAT knowledge and skills students need to be building at each grade level. This work starts with the STANDARDS. Once the teachers have a clear idea of what students need to be able to know or do, the next step is figuring out what students talk like, write like or act like when they are knowing it. Finally, teachers decide HOW to plan lessons that will help all students learn! Creating lessons, picking materials and planning activities based on the standards are all CURRICULUM decisions made at the local level.

Here is what parents and caregivers can be doing at home:
The more words a child knows and can use, the better reader they will be. The best way to help a child to be a successful learner is to talk to them! Parents and caregivers can read out loud to their children. Most public libraries have children's and young adult librarians who would be happy to help with finding books to read together!  Have conversations starting with "why do we do..." or "explain why we might..." or "I wonder what would happen if.." Giving children the chance to help with cooking, shopping, sorting, measuring, building are great ways to let them try out the math and science knowledge and skills they are working on in school.

It is also important to remember as parents that it is ok for your kids to make mistakes as they are learning new things. The old saying, "We learn from our mistakes" is true! By making mistakes, then thinking through how to do it differently, kids begin to build problem solving skills.  It is the role of parents to ask questions like "I can see that you are working hard to figure this out, what might you do differently? What do you already know that might help you figure this out? Where might you look for info that could help you?"

If you are the parent of a pre-school or Kindergarten student,  the best thing you can do to help build their vocabulary and their math sense is talk to them! To give you some ideas on what to talk about around Bay Village, try Word Play and Number Play Around Bay!

  • Use this link to access Number Play and Word Play on your phone
  • Download the PDF Word Play brochure - designed to fold into thirds to fit into a pocket or purse. 

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