Common Core Curriculum 2014

The Bay Village Schools are beginning the process of transitioning from our current ODE standards to the Common Core standards for Ohio.  Students in the district will begin to be assessed on the new standards during the 2014-2015 school year.

Basic Facts About Common Core
  • State driven initiative that is focusing on developing a common set of content standards.  This means that students who transfer from building to building, district to district or state to state will not experience gaps in their learning or duplication of learning.
  • Each state has the ability to adjust the standards to fit the needs of the state. This means, for example, that Ohio can add standards that address the teaching of Ohio History
  • The emphasis is on rigorous teaching - challenging all students in their learning.  This fits well with the Bay Schools focus on providing a challenging learning environment where all students, no matter what their ability level,have the opportunity to grow as learners every year.
  • Content will be taught to a greater depth. This means students will have a chance to build a solid foundation of skills across all content areas and then be able to apply these skills to new problems or real world scenarios.
  • Focus on Reading and Writing in the Content Area. This means that students will need to be able to read a variety of non-fiction materials. They will also be able to use these materials to research, create their own ideas, analyze information and write and communicate effectively in the content area.
  • Focus on Career and College Readiness.  This means that students need to be exposed to real world tasks that allow them to apply what they have learned in new contexts. Students need to be prepared to problem solve, collaborate, communicate, research and create in an ever changing world.
If you would like to learn more about the Common Core Standards, you can visit the following websites:
Find out more about the NEW Ohio Assessment Consortium Partnership for Assessment for College and Career Readiness (PARCC)

Find out more about Embracing the Common Core in Ohio. What should districts, curriculum directors and teachers be doing to continue to move forward with adopting the common core and the new assessment model.
  • Thomas B. Fordham Institute   This organization focuses on improving the quality of education for students in Ohio.  The site includes links to blogs written by their staff, research articles, videos and resources.  Read more about the organization About Us
    • Feb 15 Conference in Columbus Embracing Common Core in Ohio - speakers included Stan Heffner( Supt of Ohio Schools) and Michael Cohen (President of Achieve)
Find out more about how science and social studies fit into the common core.
Science and Social Studies
Science Standards
Find out more on College and Career Readiness 
Find out more about assessments that are currently being used to measure growth - the ODE is in the process of creating a list of approved assessments that can be used as part of the new teacher and principal evaluations that will require 50% of the evaluation to be based on achievement/growth data. Gov Kasich is also requesting a "Third Grade Reading" Guarantee. 
Find out more about the transition from our current Ohio standards to the new Ohio Common Core standards.
Find out more about what the online assessments that will be implemented in 2014-2015 might look like.  The ODE has said that the NAEP test and tests from New York State have a similar "feel" to the assessments that are currently being developed for Ohio.
Find out more about the Next Generation National Science Standards.  The draft standards are open for public comment until June 1, 2012

Find out more about the Third Grade Guarantee
  • The Third Grade Reading Guarantee:

·         Ties promotion to the fourth grade to achieving a score, to be established by the Ohio State Board of Education, that demonstrates proficiency on the third grade reading achievement assessment;

·         Provides some exemptions for special education and English as a second language students;

·         Establishes criteria for children retained in third grade under this provision, including intense reading remediation of at least 90 minutes per day, instruction from a high-performing teacher and the option for mid-year promotion, should proficiency be established.

·         Develop a K-3 reading diagnostic and reading improvement plan to identify and remedy reading deficiencies prior to third grade.

·         Develop a parental notification process to inform families of students reading below grade level of the services being provided and the requirements to be promoted to fourth grade.

  • Resources:

To follow what our Bay Curriculum Teams are working on during this transition period, check out our monthly updates and agendas.
    Find out more about the new Evaluation Framework that will be used for teachers and administrators.

    To Find more information on Bay Village Schools current Courses of Study and Course Alignment:

    All Courses of Study implemented in the Bay Village City Schools are aligned to the standards developed and approved by the Ohio Department of Education.  During the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, the courses of study will undergo revision to align to the new Ohio Common Core Standards.  All students will be assessed on the new Ohio Common Core Standards in the 2014-2015 academic year.  The district is in the process of digitizing and uploading the courses of study currently being followed in our classrooms.  Hard copies are available at the K.T. Allen Board of Education Building.

    • MATH K-12                                              
    • SOCIAL STUDIES  K-12                         
    • SCIENCE K-12                                          
    • PHYSICAL EDUCATION K12                 
    • FINE ARTS K-12                                       
    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE K-12                  

    To learn more about how we currently are assessing students:
    • ODE SUCCESS SITE -  Find released test items for OAA and OGT tests
    • ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING - Learn more about Align Assess Achieve and Formative Assessements.  We will be focusing on using formative assessments as a tool to help our student understand what it is they already know and what it is the still need to know.  Formative Assessment also lets teachers know where the students are on the path to mastering a concept. This helps the teacher adjust or differentiate lessons.

    Questions about the Common Core should be addressed to 
    Char Shryock, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Phone  440-617-7311